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Unitronic P3 V3 OB2 Gauge For MK7/7.5 Golf R
Bilden är vägledande. Den levererade varan kan skilja sig åt.

Unitronic P3 V3 OB2 Gauge For MK7/7.5 Golf R

 Förväntad leveranstid: 2-8 vardagar
EAN nr.: 
Varenummer: 1086809
Leverandørnr.: UH004-AC6
Description Monitor all your performance data with a Unitronic P3 V3 OBD2 Gauge! Better understand your MK7 or MK7.5 Golf R performance metrics with this great tool. At the cutting-edge of technology, P3 Gauges offers its users a multitude of readouts like: Boost (through OBD2 port using OEM sensors or with P3 analog boost sensor) Coolant temperature Air/Fuel ratio (can be read in AFR or Lambda) Vehicle speed (can be calibrated in 1% increments from -9% to +20%) Intake air temperature Throttle angle Ignition timing Engine RPM Exhaust gas temperature Battery voltage Programmable shift light Analog input 1 (brown wire) can allow gauge to read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor Analog input 2 (blue wire) can allow gauge to read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor Acceleration timers (0-60mph/0-100mph/60-130mph) Braking timers (60-0mph/100-0mph) The P3 V3 Gauge adds even more user control to what the OBD2 Multi-Gauge already offered. Read DTCs on command, remove pids that you don't care to see, configure units settings of individual measurements, calibrate your vehicle speed, read AFR in Lambda. No more bulky pillar or column pods... No more squinting to read tiny pixelated screens... While retaining the OEM plus design that blends into your interior, the P3 V3 packs a punch with it's bold, bright display that allows you to pick up info at a glance. Even though the P3 V3 installs in your air vent, P3 keept in mind that you need that heat and A/C while designing each gauge. P3 torture-tested our gauges to the extreme. From frozen solid at -94 F to physically melting at hundreds of degrees, their gauges function far beyond the limits of the in-car environment. In addition, it comes engraved with the Unitronic logo if purchased here as an exclusive collection! Features / Benefits
  • Plug and Play Install
Plugs directly into your OBD2 port (want to keep your OBD2 port open? hard-wire harness kit also available)
  • OEM Integration
Installs in your vent for a sleek install while retaining air flow
  • Versatility
Read boost from multiple OEM sensors through OBD2 port or using optional P3 analog boost sensor. All readouts can be individually configured to read in either Imperial or Metric units.
  • Code Reading/Clearing
Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) on the fly
  • 1 year warranty with the manufacturer
  • Compatible with LHD vehicles only
  • SKU: L3P3VGR7
Install Get the install instructions for your new P3 V3 OBD2 Gauge here.
  • Difficulty Level: 1 / 5
Unitronic P3 V3 OB2 Gauge For MK7/7.5 Golf R
Unitronic P3 V3 OB2 Gauge For MK7/7.5 Golf R
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